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Revolutionizing Teat End Hygiene

Ensuring the utmost health of teat ends has always been a primary concern when discussing milking preparation routines. Traditionally, the manual wiping of teat ends during towel routines has been a staple practice, emphasizing the critical importance of maintaining teat
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How to Win the Mycoplasma Bovis Battle

Understanding Mycoplasma Bovis: Behaviors, Transmission, Prevention, and Outbreak Management in Dairy Herds Mycoplasma – What is it? Bovis is an organism that lacks a cell wall that attaches to mucous membranes in cattle. It predominantly lives in the upper respiratory
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The Imperative of Upholding Milk Quality

Milk markets and pay structures are undergoing significant changes across the globe, but one constant remains – the enduring importance of milk quality. All too often, the industry overlooks this aspect, especially when premiums are not directly associated with higher
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First Day with Teatscrubber

Congratulations on embarking on your journey as a milking technician with the Teatscrubber system! As with any new tool, proper training and know-how are vital for success. In this blog post, we will provide you with essential tips to make
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Partial Parlor Automation

Partial Parlor Automation Parlor automation doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg to incorporate into current milking systems whether they are brand new or 50 years old. In December, I had the honor of being part of
Hugs Calf Jacket
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Calf Jackets

Protect your calves from the Winter months with calf jackets. Calf jackets help to reduce respiratory infections, increase body temperature, and increase weight gain. Tips for using Calf Jackets If a calf is less than 21 days and the ground