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ComfortBrush keeps cows cleaner, improves skin health
Cow Health

Cow Brushes

Cow brushes are sometimes viewed as just a feel good for people to watch cows play but there are many benefits including ROI. It is common knowledge among good cow people that happy and comfortable cows make more milk and

Employee Performance

“I’ll just do it myself”, the words usually uttered after an employee is falling short of meeting performance or metric goals on a dairy.  This is the last thing we want to say especially with the current issues of labor
Dairy Tips

Reducing Summer Heat

Reducing summer heat is cumbersome to stay on top of and at times feels like a losing battle. But if neglected it will certainly eat into your cost of production. I want to provide you with practical tips on how
Teat Prep

Teat Scrubbers vs. Towels

Dip cups and towels are still staples in most dairy farms around the world. But gaining market share quickly are teat scrubbers boosted by the benefits they offer to the dairy as well as the cows they are milking. Benefits
Teat Prep

Teat Scrubbers Improve the Tried-and-True Prep Routine

Since the introduction of teat scrubbers for pre dipping, it has become increasing difficult to ignore the benefits of adding a system into a parlor operation.  And by getting back to the basics of how a cow functions, we can

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