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At FutureCow®, we understand that the prosperity of your farm is linked to the health and well-being of your herd. Our focus is on engineering dependable products that improve the efficiency and profitability of your farm, all while ensuring the utmost comfort for your animals. We strive to create superior products, from teat preparation to automated dipping to cow comfort, that continue to perform for you over time. We are dedicated to building better products that work for you and your farm.

FutureCow Teat Scrubber Prep System

FutureCow Prep System®

FutureCow’s Teatscrubber Prep System provides an extremely effective and consistent process to wash, disinfect, dry, and stimulate the dairy cow’s teats prior to milking. Available for large, medium and small dairy farms with any type of parlor.

Teatscrubber Teat Prep System

UdderBrite – Lighted Dip Cup

Explore our revolutionary UdderBrite Lighted Dip Cup, designed to illuminate teats for superior coverage during milking. With its patent-pending technology, UdderBrite is setting a new standard in udder hygiene and dairy herd management.

Udder Mister - Automated Teat Sprayer

Udder Mister® – Automated Teat Dip Sprayer

Udder Mister is a fully automated teat dip system that automatically sprays teats prior to milking or after milking clusters are removed.  Adding this system can help reduce labor in the parlor.

ComfortBrush Rotating Cow Brush

ComfortBrush® Cow Brush

FutureCow’s ComfortBrush products are designed to groom and stimulate your animals, creating a happier, healthier, and more productive environment. Brushes are available in cow, calf, cattle and goat sizes.

Calf Jackets - HUGS

HUGS Calf Jacket

HUGS calf jacket is designed to provide your calves more protection than traditional jackets. HUGS features a patented neck warmer that covers a calf’s vulnerable neck area and is proven to reduce respiratory infections.

Why Choose FutureCow?

Our mission is to build maintenance-free products for your farm that you can rely on. This promise is the cornerstone of our manufacturing process and our commitment to customer service. We offer state-of-the-art equipment that never sacrifices the comfort and humane treatment of your animals. And we back everything with our FutureCow 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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Top Quality Products

  • Manufactures in the U.S.A. – our facility is located in Florida

  • High quality products – all equipment must pass rigorous quality control

  • 24/7 Support – through local dealers and FutureCow direct

  • Energy Efficient – subsidies available in some areas
  • High Satisfaction – over 90% retention rate worldwide

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