How FutureCow Prep System® Works

The FutureCow Teatscrubber® Prep System gives you a consistent teat prep process to ensure every cow is prepped correctly, no matter who is doing the milking.  Teatscrubber handles each step – wash, disinfect, stimulate, and dry – all in one repeatable process, eliminating the need for towels too!

Wash Cycle

Wash cycle is activated when the trigger is pressed. While it is held down our patented solution will flow freely. Now move from teat to teat, starting with the back teat, and clean each teat in a clockwise motion.

Dry Cycle

Dry cycle starts when the trigger is released. Solution stops flowing and the brushes continue to spin. Excess solution is wicked off each teat by the brushes.  Dry each teat in the same order you cleaned them.

Lag Time

We recommend you repeat the wash and dry sequence for 8-12 cows before attaching milking clusters.  Following this process allows you to hit the recommended lag time of 90-120 seconds before attachment.

Video – How to Use Teatscrubber

Benefits of Teat Scrubbers

  • Decrease in New Mastitis Cases which will help reduce antibiotic costs and provide more sell-able milk
  • Lower SCC which equates to an increase in your milk check
  • Maximize Throughput improves turns-per-hour and/or increases number of cows milked without adding time or labor

  • Better Stimulation for faster, more complete milk out while decreasing milker on-time

  • Reduce Labor by eliminating one full time position per shift saving up to $60,000 per year

Teatscrubber Weight – Impact on Milkers

Generally, milkers become accustomed to using the Teatscrubber within 2 weeks. They will gain muscle memory from using the scrubber and quickly adapt. Milkers benefit from walking back and forth less, no heavy buckets of towels or trash to carry, and no aprons full of towels. Overall muscle activity is reduced when using Teatscrubber as compared to traditional prep.

Study – Teatscrubber vs. Standard Prep  
“If parlor production requirements (e.g., quality and consistency) are maintained while simultaneously reducing cumulative muscle loading and worker fatigue, then TS use should be considered in milking parlor operations.”

Teatscrubber Features & Design

Teatscrubber Diagram

FutureCow® Control Box Options

Not all scrubbers are created equal just like not all parlors need the same features. FutureCow has dedicated the time to create Teatscrubber systems based on the needs of the dairy to ensure optimal return on investment.

PRO Series

  • 2X, 3X and 6X options available

  • 2- 6 Scrubbers

  • Air Pump for RTU chemical

  • Prime button, auto on/off

  • DairyAir® capable (air drying)

Dual Elite

  • For up to 25 stalls; herringbone, parallel or rotary parlors

  • 2 Scrubbers

  • Patented cow counter

  • Remote access capabilities

  • Exportable data

  • DairyAir® capable (air drying)


  • For parlors 2′ x 14′ or larger

  • 1 Scrubber

  • Patented cow counter

  • Remote access capabilities
  • Exportable data

  • DairyAir® capable (air drying)


  • For any parlor size or type
  • 1 Scrubber

  • Basic per shift cow counting functions

  • Internal controls

  • Data view-able on unit

  • DairyAir® capable (air drying)


  • For parlors with 300 cows or less
  • 1 Scrubber

  • No cow counting technology

  • No adjustable controls

  • No view-able data

  • Not capable to run DairyAir®