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How to Win the Mycoplasma Bovis Battle

Understanding Mycoplasma Bovis: Behaviors, Transmission, Prevention, and Outbreak Management in Dairy Herds Mycoplasma – What is it? Bovis is an organism that lacks a cell wall that attaches to mucous membranes in cattle. It predominantly lives in the upper respiratory tract in bovine and can spread to other parts of the body via the [...]

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The Imperative of Upholding Milk Quality

Milk markets and pay structures are undergoing significant changes across the globe, but one constant remains – the enduring importance of milk quality. All too often, the industry overlooks this aspect, especially when premiums are not directly associated with higher quality levels. Regardless of financial incentives, our continuous pursuit of excellence in milk quality [...]

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Teat Scrubbers vs. Towels

Dip cups and towels are still staples in most dairy farms around the world. But gaining market share quickly are teat scrubbers boosted by the benefits they offer to the dairy as well as the cows they are milking. Benefits to Your Cows Applying pre dip with a cup followed by wiping with a towel [...]

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