FutureCow® HUGS – Calf Jacket

FutureCow HUGS features a patented neck warmer proven to reduce respiratory infections.  HUGS is designed to provide your calves more protection than traditional jackets. They feature a unique fleece extension that covers a calf’s vulnerable neck area helping them to retain more heat in cold temperatures.

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Give your calves FutureCow HUGS – Jacket for Calves

  • Fleece neck extension provides additional warmth

  • Keeps calves warmer than traditional jackets

  • Fewer calves being treated for fever

  • Calves retain body heat and gain more weight

  • Velcro and easy snap connectors ensure a secure fit

  • Water resistant and machine washable

  • Made from a breathable polyester material

  • Available in small, medium and large

We love this blanket!! It has kept our baby snug and warm! We are so thankful for it! – Karissa Hunt

Impacts of HUGS on Weight Gain

Calves wearing HUGS gained .5 lbs (.22KG) more per day in first 2 weeks of use.

Change in Rectal Temperature

After 4 hours calves wearing HUGS had a significant increase in their rectal temperature.

Effects of HUGS on Treatment and Fever

“A cold calf will need to use energy to try to maintain its body temperature; energy that would normally be devoted to growth and maintaining a healthy immune system. Instead of using her calories to grow, a cold and stressed calf will use her energy to simply try to stay warm, making her more susceptible to illness or even death.” Read Full Article 

Medium – 84-106lbs, Large – 99-110lbs

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