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How to Win the Mycoplasma Bovis Battle

Understanding Mycoplasma Bovis: Behaviors, Transmission, Prevention, and Outbreak Management in Dairy Herds Mycoplasma – What is it? Bovis is an organism that lacks a cell wall that attaches to mucous membranes in cattle. It predominantly lives in the upper respiratory tract in bovine and can spread to other parts of the body via the [...]

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Partial Parlor Automation

Partial Parlor AutomationParlor automation doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg to incorporate into current milking systems whether they are brand new or 50 years old. In December, I had the honor of being part of the partial parlor automation panel group at the Alltech Dairy School at Lambeau Field in the [...]

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Employee Performance

“I’ll just do it myself”, the words usually uttered after an employee is falling short of meeting performance or metric goals on a dairy.  This is the last thing we want to say especially with the current issues of labor shortages. Many times, when an employee isn’t “measuring” up they have not been provided the [...]

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Welcome to FutureCow’s Blog

My name is Shaun Hardtke, and I welcome you to FutureCow’s new dairy blog. Join myself and the FutureCow team as we share ideas and advice to help our awesome dairy community. We will explore parlor set-ups and milking protocols, modern barn layouts, cattle brush products for humane animal welfare and animal husbandry, and [...]

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