The goal of FutureZoo®  is to build high quality, durable comfort products to help zoos all over the world care for their animals. We offer products that help to enrich the lives of animals. FutureZoo is looking for new innovative ideas that would help meet the needs of your zoo.

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“FutureZoo has been wonderful to work with. The brush itself has held up amazingly considering it goes up against a two-ton sparring partner at times. It is a common occurrence for keepers to find him standing with the brush resting on his back or side and turning allowing him all the nice firm scratches he prefers, whenever he wants! It has been a superb addition to our toolbox of items and without a doubt we recommended them.”

Brittany P., Hoofstock Keeper, Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Rhino Brush 

The first product in the FutureZoo line is a heavy-duty 48″ rotating brush, strong enough for animals as large as a Rhino.  The brush is motion-activated, and it only runs when your animals are nearby.  Once it starts rotating it attracts the animals to use it and helps keep them clean and relaxed.

Rhino Shower

The Rhino Shower is activated by multiple motion sensors that signal the shower to turn on as the rhino approaches.  The Shower helps the Rhinoceros stay clean and cool on hot days. This is the perfect addition to add to your rhino habitat.

Giraffe Lift

The Giraffe Lift is a series of pulleys attached to a cable that allows branches and produce to be lifted high up in the air. The giraffes then reach up to eat the produce or branches off the Lift. The Lift is run by a remote control and can go up and down in just a few minutes. 

Stationary Brush

The Stationary Brush is a 24″ brush attached to a flexible cable that allows the animal to rub their neck, head, side and back on it. This brush requires no electricity and is a great addition to your goat, pygmy goat, or llama pen.

What Does your Zoo Need?

Does your zoo have a unique problem or a specific need? FutureZoo can help! Send us your idea or issue and we will get in touch with you to come up with the ideal FutureZoo solution.

How FutureZoo Began

FutureCow partnered with a local zoo to create a custom-built ComfortBrush for a rhinoceros. The brush is used as an enrichment activity while simultaneously cleaning and exfoliating the skin.

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