FutureCow Teatscrubber® Prep System

The FutureCow Prep System® lets you prep teats for milking in one easy step. Our teat scrubber gently washes, disinfects, stimulates, and dries teats in one easy, consistent process. The best part is you can eliminate towels and all the associated expenses on your dairy!

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A Better Way to Prep Teats

No More Towels – FutureCow customers can eliminate the use of towels in their parlor. That means no more money spent on disposable towels or less wear and tear on your washers & dryers. Those savings add up!

Better Results – Our teat scrubber speeds up your prep process, throughput, and milk out times. The system makes parlors more consistent and efficient. Our customers report a drop in somatic cell count and new mastitis cases within the first 60 to 90 days.

Labor Savings – Some farms can also eliminate one person per shift providing a savings of up to $60,000 a year. Others can milk more cows per shift without adding additional labor.

Milkers Love It – With our teat scrubber your milkers will walk back and forth less often, and no more straining their hands drying teats with towels. Plus, training new employees to use Teatscrubber is easier when compared to a 4- or 5-part prep process.

Future Cow TeatScrubber System creates a consistent cleaning process

The FutureCow Prep System® cleans, stimulates, sanitizes, and dries teats the same way every time.

Future Cow TeatScrubber System provides a unique disinfectant

FutureCow uses a patented solution that provides instant removal of contaminants on the teat without leaving any residue.

FutureCow TeatScrubber Prep System

FutureCow’s Teatscrubber® can enhance milk quality and improve udder health, all while increasing the dairy’s bottom line.

What is the Secret to Teatscrubber Success?

Our Patented Disinfectant

FutureCow uses a chlorine dioxide solution to disinfect teats. Chlorine dioxide is a quick kill disinfectant that acts quickly to kill microorganisms on the teat while leaving the skin healthy.  And Chlorine dioxide is a more cost-effective option than many other dips.

  • Acceptable for use on organic farms.
  • FutureCow holds multiple patents and is the only scrubber that can use chlorine dioxide.
  • We do not use iodine as it requires prolonged teat contact to effectively kill pathogens.  Iodine leaves a residue on the teat that must be wiped off prior to milking while chlorine dioxide does not.
  • We do not use hypochlorite or a bleach solution as it will dry out the teat and cause irritation.

Our Customers See Real Results

Teatscrubber Testimonials

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Testimonial – North Florida Holsteins

What to Expect using a Teat Scrubber

Reduce Labor Costs

  • Most dairies can eliminate one full time position per shift
  • Rotary parlors require one less worker per shift
  • Farms see more cows milked per hour by current number of workers

Consistent & Efficient

  • Consistent cleaning for all cows
  • Eliminates one pass for workers
  • Brush speed optimized for maximum let down and milk out
  • Unique cover design ensures teats are properly aligned

* ® The green color of the FutureCow Teatscrubber brushes is protected via trade dress (US Trademark Reg. No. 4,757,765).
* ™ The color combination of the FutureCow Teatscrubber handle is protected via trade dress.