Udder Mister Products 

FutureCow’s Udder Mister is a fully automated teat dip sprayer designed for rotary and parallel parlors. The Udder Mister works with most standard teat dips automatically spraying teats prior to milking or after milking clusters are removed.


Udder Mister 1.0

The Udder Mister 1.0 was specifically designed for rotary parlors to automate your teat dip. Once installed, the teat sprayer system requires no interaction from parlor staff except for routine maintenance. 


Udder Mister 2.0

The Udder Mister 2.0 is a dual sprayer system built to accommodate faster turning rotaries and automate your teat dip.  You can see a full return on your investment in under one year. 

Udder Mister Walkover

The Walkover is a fully automated pre-dip or post- dip teat sprayer. The Walkover can be installed at the entrance or the exit of the milking parlor.