Customer Quotes

Teatscrubber has improved efficiency in the parlor. We’ve eliminated one pass with the brushes so it’s increased milk letdown and sped things up altogether.  All in all we are really happy.

Ross Leix, Leix Farms – Montfort Wisconsin, Milking 650 Registered Holsteins

Prepping cows with the FutureCow Prep System accomplishes all of the necessary pre-milking procedures in one easy step. Cows receive a consistent prep procedure, no matter who is milking, and superior stimulation. Plus, dairy producers can potentially reduce labor costs and can certainly reduce operating costs by eliminating towels and laundry.

Chad Buchanan, V.P. Sales and Marketing at GEA Farm Technologies

FutureCow is the future in prepping cows. The Teat scrubbing system brings consistency to any parlor regardless of size.

Dr. Andy Johnson, The Udder Doctor

After installing the FutureCow system, it was observed that the incidence of mastitis and its detection declined, the milk flow speed during milking was enhanced and as a result the presence of cows in the milking parlour and operating time of milking units were reduced.

Rovkov V.N. , Valyshche - Belarus

I have been in the dairy business 15 years and the teat scrubber is hands down the best thing we have done in our parlor. Every part of our routine from stimulation, sanitation and efficiency works better with the scrubber. It is one of the few times where you can do a better job faster and at a lower cost.

Dennis O’Hare, Schneider Farms

Within one month of using the Teatscrubber we observed the following results: less prep time, improved milk flow, reduction of mastitis cases, decrease in somatic cell count, reduced expenses and increased profits. After experiencing the benefits of using the Teatscubber in comparison with udder wipes and foam solution, it was decided to install the Teatscrubber prep system on 5 additional farms.

A.S. Korzh, Belovezhsky - Belarus

Since switching to the FutureCow Teat Prep System our SCC has slightly improved, averaging 100,000-120,000. The FutureCow system is dependable and requires little to no maintenance.

Leon Richard, New Flevo Dairy, Milking 3100 Cows

Teatscrubber Testimonials

FutureCow is a technology company, but I think the real power of FutureCow is that it is a people company. It’s a company that attempts to make my people better through their people. At the end of the day, it comes down to people and that’s the real value I see in working with FutureCow.

Ken McCarty, McCarty Family Farms

We started using FutureCow in December ’23 and were blown away with the instant results we saw, our somatic cell count dropped 70k within the month! Our employees love the ease and speed of using FutureCow, and I am grateful for the consistency that we see from milker to milker when cleaning cows. This has been a huge gamechanger for our operation!

Shelby Felder , Western Kentucky University- Image courtesy of Brodie Curtsinger

Since we started using the FutureCow system, our monthly SCC average went from 70-80 down to 50-60k. The cows also seem to enter the parlor better, I believe, because the FutureCow is consistent and the cows know what to expect vs dipping and wiping with towels. Another benefit is not having to wash and dry towels 2x a day, which reduces our water usage.

Roy Anhalt, Whispering Pines Organic

When we were looking at options for our milking parlour, we wanted to improve udder health and reduce holding pen time for the cows while maintaining a comfortable work environment for our milking staff. FutureCow is a major step in achieving these goals!

Mike Archibald, MacGregor Dairy Farm

Since installing FutureCow, our employees realize they are milking more cows and getting done faster. We milk 1,000 cows and are currently only treating one for mastitis.

Dan Ziegler , Ziegler Dairy Farm
Dean Meinholz

We switched to FutureCow because we didn’t like the performance of the other brush we had. The FutureCow DairyAir brush helps dry the teats faster.

Dean Meinholz , Blue Star Dairy
Heintz Roth

Since installing the FutureCow Teatscrubber the consistency and hygiene in our prep routine has significantly improved.  With greater stimulation, the milk let down in our cows increased milk production by 2 lbs. per cow per day and reduced the SCC and clinical cases of mastitis.  The ongoing support from FutureCow not only allows our team to know how to use the equipment efficiently but also why we choose this superior prep routine for our cows.

Heintz Roth, Morning View Dairy

After we installed the FutureCow Teat Prep System the SCC dropped from 200,000 to 123,000 in just three weeks during the summer heat. We should have installed this system in the first-place years ago.

Darlene Ullmann, Ullmann Dairy
Matt Beckerink

The FutureCow Teatscrubber is a great investment for any dairy farmer. It’s easy to work with, excellent for cow comfort and works better than the manual prep with let-down and stimulation. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Matt Beckerink, Owner of Dutch Road Dairy
FutureCow - Statz Brothers Inc

There isn’t a single towel on our dairy where we use FutureCow. And our SCC is only 107,000 with separated solids as bedding.

Joe Statz, Statz Brothers Inc.
Jenny Siemers

Teatscrubber has been an awesome addition to our milk quality program. The benefits are too numerous to list!

Jenny Siemers, Siemers Holsteins

Teatscrubber Q&A

Leah Kieler – Kieler Farms, Platteville, WI
Milking 1,850 Cows 3 Times a Day in a 50 Stall Rotary Parlor

What issues were you trying to fix when you decided to add FutureCow’s Teatscrubber to your parlor?
One of the biggest issues we were trying to address with the addition of the Teatscrubber was employee efficiency and consistency of cow prep.

What immediate results did you see after you installed Teatscrubber?
We started using Teatscrubber when we transitioned from our parallel parlor to our new rotary parlor. We were amazed at the fact that our somatic cell count stayed the same, then actually decreased through our transition. We had expected it to increase with the stress that the cows may have had from the change, but we attribute the decrease in somatic cell count to the Teatscrubber and how easy it was to keep all our employees on the same routine.

What longer term benefits have you seen using the system?
The main long term benefit I see with Teatscrubber is from a financial standpoint. It has helped us with a lower cell count/high quality milk production. Using Teatscrubber has helped streamline our training process with new employees/lower cost of new employee training costs, and maintenance of the system has been a breeze. Knowing I can just switch out a brush and have it sent in to be fixed takes that stress off me as an owner and I know it will be done right. I have really enjoyed the simplicity of the whole system.

What does your team like best about using Teatscrubber?
I would have to say the thing we like best about FutureCow’s Teatscrubber system is the consistency it brings to our milking protocol. I know that all our employees are doing the same thing every milking, which is what cows need. It’s the peace of mind I have leaving the parlor and knowing the cows are getting the most consistent prep we could give them.