Why Choose the FutureCow ComfortBrush?

FutureCow’s ComfortBrush is a heavy-duty 48″ rotating cow brush, perfect for keeping your cows clean, relaxed and giving them the comfort they deserve.  The ComfortBrush is approved for indoor/outdoor use and is hinged for easy cleaning access. Our patent-pending design is the only cow brush manufactured in the U.S.A.

University studies have shown many benefits for including a cow brush in your dairy facility. The key advantages to a cow brush include: 

  • Alleviates stress
  • Fly and parasite relief
  • Natural grooming alternative
  • Prevents unnecessary barn damage
  • Potential increase in production & profitability

All units include a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

FutureCow ComfortBrush Features

ComfortBrush is also available for:


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Brian Murphy, Murph Ko Farms

Daryl Sternweis, Sternweis Farms

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