Stationary Cow Brush

The FutureCow Stationary Brush is yet another brush option among our popular ComfortBrush product line. In the same fashion as our rotating option, this stationary brush is perfect for keeping your cows clean and happy.

This heavy-duty unit features a 24″ cow brush. The brush is attached to a sturdy yet flexible cable. Which in turn, offers just the right amount of tension to let your cows brush their head, sides or back.

FutureCow’s stationary brush is ideal for barns or lots with no electrical access. The design is maintenance free and there are no additional costs accrued upon install.  Benefits of installing a stationary brush include:

  • Alleviates stress
  • Fly and parasite relief
  • Natural grooming alternative
  • Prevents unnecessary barn damage
  • Potential to increase production & profitability

The FutureCow stationary brush is recommended for up to 100 cows per brush. Replacement brushes are available once the brush has been sufficiently worn down.

Stationary Brush Photo Gallery

How to Purchase

We now have two ways to purchase a Stationary ComfortBrush to offer you the option that is best for you and your farm.

Each Stationary Brush includes a 30-day money back guarantee plus a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that includes wear on the brush!  We can make this guarantee because our products are built to last.

Why A Stationary Brush?

FutureCow Stationary Cow Brush

Audio – Benefits of a Stationary Brush

FutureCow president Kevin Dole explains that Stationary Brush is an economical and effective way to keep your cows comfortable. (Special thanks to Bill Baker – Dairy Radio Now (Visit