Reasons You Should Own a Calf Brush

FutureCow’s Calf Brush is designed and sized specifically for calves to increase their comfort and decrease stress levels – resulting in happier animals.  Another benefit is the noticeable improvement you will see in cleanliness. So why else is a brush important for your calves? The benefits of cow and calf brushes have been studied and validated by many universities.

Calf Brush Benefits

  • mimic natural grooming behavior
  • exfoliate the skin
  • decrease fly and parasite stress
  • help keep calves clean
  • promote increase glandular function
  • assists in weight gain

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Calf Brush Photo Gallery

Rosy-Lane Holsteins

Lloyd and Daphne Holterman: Rosy-Lane Holsteins

“I see more social interaction among our calves since the FutureCow calf brush was installed, and it helps the calves shed their winter coats, keeps them a bit cleaner and more comfortable. Cleaner and healthier animals grow at a faster pace, which leads to higher productivity in the milking herd.” – Daphne Holterman

Video: John Holterman on the benefits they see with their calf brush

3 Ways to Purchase a Calf Brush

We now have three ways to purchase a ComfortBrush for Calves to offer you the option that is best for you and your farm.

Create a more enriching environment for your calves during their formative years with FutureCow’s ComfortBrush for Calves. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

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