Teat Scrubbers vs. Towels

Dip cups and towels are still staples in most dairy farms around the world. But gaining market share quickly are teat scrubbers boosted by the benefits they offer to the dairy as well as the cows they are milking.

Benefits to Your Cows

Applying pre dip with a cup followed by wiping with a towel may not be providing enough stimulation. Worse yet, a dipper and towel routine may be negatively impacting milk let-down which can lead to teat end health issues and ultimately milk quality concerns. Teat scrubbers help dairies avoid this common and unseen problem and help unleash the upside potential. The rotating brushes offer the proper level of stimulation, leading to better let-down and better results.

  • Less Unit on Time – Proper stimulation from a teat scrubber results in faster milk-out times. And speeding up milking creates a more efficient parlor.
  • Efficiency – FutureCow’s Teatscrubber uses 75 to 100 mls of chlorine dioxide disinfectant per cow, per milking. This is done at the same time the cow is being physically cleaned and properly stimulated.
  • Cow Comfort – Proper stimulation = proper let down = comfortable cows = ethical and morally correct treatment of cows.

Benefits the Dairy and Milkers

  • No More Towels – Dairies can eliminate the use of towels in their parlor. That means no more money spent on disposable towels or less wear and tear on your washers and dryers. Those savings add up!
  • Less is More – Milkers benefit from walking back and forth less, plus there are no heavy buckets of towels or trash to carry.
  • New Employees – Training new employees to use a Teat scrubber is easier when compared to a 4- or 5-part prep process.
  • Every Cow, Every Time – Since the teat scrubber is doing most of the work, you’ll see the same results no matter who is doing the milking.

For dairies that have prepped their cows the same way for years, or even decades, making a change can be daunting. But when you weigh all the benefits a teat scrubber system offers, that decision to change just makes sense.

For more information on how a teat scrubber can help your dairy, check out FutureCow’s Teatscrubber.