FutureCow Teatscrubber® – Now Available

FutureCow is the most reliable and extremely effective teat prep system on the market.  FutureCow stands above the rest because we build our products to be maintenance free, and we build them to last – guaranteed!

Teatscrubber Features

  • Wash, dry, disinfect and stimulate in one easy step
  • No maintenance required, built to last
  • Antimicrobial brushes eliminate bacteria growth
  • Chemical solution kills microorganisms and leaves no residue

Benefits to the Dairy

  • Teatscrubber speeds up your prep process, throughput, and milk out times.

  • Save money by using significantly less water

  • Lower SCC which equates to an increase in your milk check
  • Fewer cases of mastitis, lower antibiotic costs
  • Teatscrubber provides a consistent teat prep, cleaning every cow properly

FutureCow Teatscrubber Water Savings

Chlorine Dioxide Solution –
Key to Prepping Teats

FutureCow Teatscrubber sprays Chlorine Dioxide during the cleaning process. Chlorine Dioxide is a quick kill disinfectant, which acts quickly to kill microorganisms on the teat while leaving the skin healthy. No solution used in any teat scrubber on the market is more effective than chlorine dioxide – and FutureCow is the only scrubber that can use it.

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FutureCow Case Study

Interviews From: Senkovo Farm
Date: April 2020
Parlor: Freestall with straw bedding, milking 670 cows

Senkovo’s objective was to improve milk quality while reducing consumption of resources and increasing profitability.  Within 2 months of installing FutureCow Teatscrubber, Senkovo Farm achieved this. They experienced a drop in clinical mastitis cases from 75 to 38 and their SCC dropped from 460 to 170.  These significant reductions led to premium bonuses of $12,000/month. Senkovo was also able to shave off 2.5 hours/day from their prep time resulting in more savings.

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Customer Quotes

Within one month of using the Teatscrubber we observed the following results: less prep time, improved milk flow, reduction of mastitis cases, decrease in somatic cell count, reduced expenses and increased profits. After experiencing the benefits of using the Teatscubber in comparison with udder wipes and foam solution, it was decided to install the Teatscrubber prep system on 5 additional farms.

A.S. Korzh , Belovezhsky

As a result of implementing the Teatscrubber, the process of prepping cows to milking was reduced in time and milk flow was improved, which led to the reduction of milking sessions. The expenses on medicine for mastitis treatment and on homeopathic medicine were reduced. The quality of milk was improved through the decrease of somatic cells and bacterial seeding and the quantity of cows with mastitis decreased significantly.

Burda N. I., Chernavchitsy

After experiencing the benefits of using the Teatscubber in comparison with udder wipes and foam solution, in May 2019, the unit for our main milking parlour was purchased. During implementation of the Teatscrubber, the quantity of cows with mastitis was reduced threefold. FutureCow’s Teatscubber facilitates and speeds up the process of prepping cows for milking. Service and maintenance is conducted promptly and efficiently.

Semenovich V.A. , Protasovschina

After installing the FutureCow system, it was observed that the incidence of mastitis and its detection declined, the milk flow speed during milking was enhanced and as a result the presence of cows in the milking parlour and operating time of milking units were reduced.

Rovkov V.N. , Valyshche

FutureCow Genetics – For Hot Climates

How much is heat stress costing you? FutureCow specializes in genetics for farms looking to produce heat tolerant cows through a cooler hair coat. Superior performance under heat stress yields better milk results, even in the hottest of locations.

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