ComfortBrush – Cow Brush FAQ

Choosing the right cow brush is an important decision. So we assembled our answers to the most common questions farmers ask us before buying a ComfortBrush.

Installing a Cow Brush

Where is the best location to install a brush?
The most common placement is on a crossover beam. This area usually offers the most available space, letting the brush move without any obstruction. Installing on a crossover beam gives cows access from both sides without blocking other animals from entering a stall. For more information tips read our Installation Tips.

How high should I install the ComfortBrush?
You should install the ComfortBrush mounting arm 88-96 inches from the ground to the bottom arm. For Calf brushes, you should install the brush based on the size of your animals. A rule of thumb, the bottom of the brush should hang right at the underbelly of the cow.

What type of power source will I need?

FutureCow’s ComfortBrush is available in 110v/220v and 3-Phase 480v options. The calf brush is available in 110v/220v.

Using a Cow Brush

Do the rotating brushes run constantly?
No, a motion sensor is used to start rotating the brush when it detects that cows are nearby. After 60 seconds of inactivity the brush will automatically turn off.

How many cows can use each brush?
We suggest no more than 60 to 100 animals per brush. All of our cow brushes can accommodate multiple animals at the same time.

How do cows adapt to a new brush?
Cows are naturally curious, so it does not take long for them to start using a ComfortBrush. Within a week you should see your cows using the brush daily.

Will tail chalk be rubbed off with a ComfortBrush? 
Unlike some other brushes on the market, FutureCow’s rotating brushes are designed not to rub off tail chalk.

How long do ComfortBrushes last?
When 100 or less cows are given access to FutureCow’s rotating brushes, we guarantee them for 2 years, and that includes wear on the brush. But a brush should last even longer than that.  The 48″ brush can even be flipped vertically to extend its lifespan.

What maintenance is required?
Once a ComfortBrush is installed, it should require no maintenance. We do, however recommend you periodically inspect the shafts, roll pins, universal joint, screws for wear.  Also, periodically inspect the gear box for any leakage of oil or grease.

Purchasing and Warranty

Does FutureCow offer a Warranty on brushes?
Each rotating ComfortBrush includes a 2-year warranty.  The Stationary brush includes a 1-year warranty.  All warranties do cover wear on the brush. Plus, all brushes come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

How do I buy a ComfortBrush?
Fill out our quick and easy request form and we’ll contact you with a full quote to meet your needs.

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