Calf Jackets

Hugs Calf Jacket

Protect your calves from the Winter months with calf jackets. Calf jackets help to reduce respiratory infections, increase body temperature, and increase weight gain.

Tips for using Calf Jackets

  • If a calf is less than 21 days and the ground is frozen – put that calf jacket on.
  • Calves should be nice and dry. Never put a jacket on a wet calf.
  • If the jacket gets wet, remove it, and replace with a dry one.
  • Typically, once a calf reaches 21 days of age the jacket should be removed.
  • If a jacket needs to stay on longer than the initial 21 days check to make sure the straps are fitting correctly and adjust as needed.

Use FutureCow HUGS Calf Jackets that feature a unique fleece extension to covers a calf’s vulnerable neck area that helps them to retain more heat in cold temperatures.

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