Calf Ball Offers Stress Relief for Calves

FutureCow’s CalfBall is a free swinging ball that helps your calves to occupy themselves while getting use to group housing. Adding the easy-to-install calf ball to your group housing helps create a stress free environment which can lead to healthier, more productive cows.

Ease Calves Into Adulthood

The FutureCow Calf Ball helps to prevent conventional weaning distress by creating a safer alternative to typical coping behavior.

  • Reduce suckling among each other by providing alternative contact
  • Lessen vocalizations by providing added comfort
  • Promote healthy social interaction among each other
  • Minimize the rubbing on stalls, barns, and equipment
  • Create a more enriching environment during their formative months

Serenity for Your Calves

FutureCow believes introducing enrichment tools at an early age can help your calves grow into a more productive cow.

By providing a safer domain your calves can reach optimal weight faster, removing them from the danger zone of calf related setbacks.

Our calf ball can help reduce some of the vulnerabilities every calf must face by creating a more soothing environment.