Mobile Teatscrubber for Tie Stall and Stanchion Barns

Features & Benefits

  • Increased Stimulation
  • Improved Teat-End Health

  • Improved Milk Quality

  • Completely Mobile and Easily Maneuverable

  • Custom Length Scrubbers Available

  • Low Voltage System with Long Battery Life

  • Low Maintenance Design

  • No Installation Necessary

  • Easier on hands, back, and teat

Len-Don Farms

Ron Seibel – 110 cows
“I initially thought the teatscrubber was a gimmick. Then my son won one at the 2014 World Dairy Expo, and it proved to be an amazing tool. 3 years ago our somatic cell count was around 270,000 now it is regularly under 100,000. Our prep time also sped up which allowed us to add one more milker unit for a total savings of about 30 minutes. I would highly recommend the mobile unit for tie stall barns.”
Ron Seibel, Len-Don Farms

Mobile Teatscrubber Prep System

The perfect option for Tie-Stall or Stanchion barns with 200 cows or less.

FutureCow Mobile Cart Diagram

Customer Testimonial