Case Studies

FutureCow’s TeatScrubber boasts superior milk quality, fewer mastitis cases, and potential labor savings. These case studies below show real results from FutureCow customers.  These farms have seen significant improvement in somatic cell counts, a decrease in mastitis cases, and opportunities to reduce labor costs when using our TeatScrubber in their parlor.

Teat preparation and teat hygiene are key preventative factors in reducing Anaerobic Spore-forming Bacteria (ASFB), a common cause of spoilage in cheese. So how does FutureCow’s TeatScrubber Prep System compare to predipping? This study compared the effect of a teat scrubber vs. predipping on reduction of butyric acid forming anaerobes count. The study was conducted in 2 dairy farms in Argentina utilizing FutureCow’s TeatScrubber Prep System and its proprietary use of chlorine dioxide.


Monthly bulk tank milk samples were collected for Anaerobic Spore-forming Bacteria (ASFB) microbiological analysis. The anaerobic spore content and bacterial counts were obtained for statistical analysis and comparison.


FutureCow’s TeatScrubber using chlorine dioxide reduced the ASFB content in milk 48% compared to predipping.

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The study compared the ability of the teat scrubber system to remove bacteria from teats cleaned using the automated teat scrubber as compared to teats prepared using conventional methods (forestrip, predip with 0.5% iodine, dry).


Teat skin swabs were taken before and after preparation and analyzed for different bacterial counts (Total Bacterial Count, Streptococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp. and Gram-negative Bacteria). Reduction for each bacterial count was calculated as the difference between the samples collected before and after preparation.


For teats that were cleaned using the automated teat scrubber system, the concentration of chlorine dioxide was extremely important and found to significantly influence the teat scrubber’s cleaning performance. Results from our analysis indicate that as the concentration of chlorine dioxide increased, the reduction in bacterial counts also increased. The FutureCow TeatScrubber prep system can be as effective in reducing bacterial counts on teats (or more effective for Gram negative bacteria) when the concentration of chlorine dioxide is kept at >500 ppm.

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Interviews From: Jim Van Patter

Date: August 2017

Parlor: Double 12 Herringbone milking 900 cows

When Jim started at C-Dairy the farm was using Puli Sistem for their prep. Their Somatic Cell Count was averaging 302,000. Jim, being familiar with FutureCow, switched to the FutureCow TeatScrubber and within one month had the SCC down to 253,000. Since then their SCC has steadily gotten better and better and is now sitting at an average of 90,000.  [Get Full Report]

Interviews From: Ron and Tyler Seibel

Date: June 2017

Parlor: Tie-Stall Barn with 2 milkers and 8 machines

Upon install of the FutureCow Teatscrubber Len-Don Farms was able to shave 30 minutes off of their prep time and add one more milking machine. They also saw a decrease in their SCC with the starting average around 289,000 and now around 84,000. Len-Don also experienced a bump in milk average. They currently hold the highest milk average in the county milking 2x with an average between 84-110lb of milk per cow. [Get Full Report]

Interviews From: Brian and Scott Murphy

Date: September 2014

Parlor: Double 16 with 2 milkers and 1 pusher

Upon the install of the FutureCow Teatscrubber, Murph Ko Farms rather quickly reaped the rewards of the system. They eliminated one position per shift, got rid of towels, establish a consistent prep routine, noticed faster milk let out, and improved teat-ends. Their SCC went from 249,000 to 96,000 in four years. [Get Full Report]

Interviews From: Brent Eisenmen, Parlor Manager

Date: August 2012

Parlor: Double 36 with 3 people and 1 pusher (they have since expanded)

Upon install of the FutureCow Teatscrubber Kinnard Farms was in the middle of an expansion. Without having to add any extra help in the parlor, the teatscrubber allowed them to grow from 1800 cows to 2200 cows. Kinnard Farms is now milking faster and with a lower SCC and less mastitis than with fewer cows. In 2 years, SCC went from 228,000 to 199,000. Their mastitis went from 2% to less than 1%.

Since this case study they have expanded to a 60 stall rotary milking 4500 cows and have incorporated the FutureCow Teatscrubber in their new parlor. [Get Full Report]

Interviews From: Gary Gullicksrud

Date: October 2012

Parlor: Double 30 with 3 milkers and 1 pusher

Upon install of the FutureCow Teatscrubber, Hamlin Valley was suffering from growing pains and their prep consistency was suffering. Their initial improvements consisted of eliminating one position from the parlor by going from 4 milkers to 3. Even though they eliminated a person they still saw a huge decrease in necessary prep time due to the fact that they now had a more consistent routine. In addition to the prep changes they were able to lower their SCC, plate counts, and mastitis. [Get Full Report]

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