FutureCow - All We Have We Owe To Udders

The FutureCow Story

FutureCow was founded in 2008 as Alpha Technology USA Corp., to manufacture dairy equipment.  Our mission is to help progressive dairy farmers reduce the cost of doing business. The initial focus of the company was to perfect the process of cow teat prep.  Our first product, the TeatScrubber Prep System hit the market to improve the way dairies stimulate, wash, sanitize and dry teats prior to milking.

Following the success of our first product, FutureCow developed our first cow comfort product with the ComfortBrush, a rotating cow brush built help farmers produce happier, healthier, more productive animals.

With the FutureCow line of products, we offer state-of-the-art equipment while never sacrificing the comfort of your animals. Our in-house engineering team listens to customer feedback and implement those needs into products. Our manufacturing process includes strenuous quality control tests to ensure the durability of everything we sell. And, we partner with local dealers who have been trained in each step of the FutureCow process, from design to install.

FutureCow strives to be the Gold Standard, and all our technology is backed by FutureCow’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All We Have We Owe To Udders

FutureCow - Company History

Our Facility

We are proud to share that all of the FutureCow products are manufactured in Longwood, Florida. From 2008 with 1 warehouse facility to present with 7 warehouses, we are hands on with every step. Our main focus in our warehouse facilities are quality control and customer service.

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