FutureCow Teatscrubber® – Available in the UK

FutureCow stands above the rest because we build our products to be maintenance free, and we build them to last – guaranteed! FutureCow is the reliable and extremely effective alternative to other teat scrubbers offered in the UK.

Our Teatscrubber

  • Washes, sanitises, dries and stimulates teats in one consistent process

  • Chlorine Dioxide solution kills microorganisms and leaves no residue

  • FutureCow hand-held Teatscrubbers require zero maintenance 

Your Benefits

  • Lower SCC which equates to an increase in your milk check
  • Decrease mastitis, reduce antibiotic costs, stop discarding milk

  • Better stimulation for faster, more complete milk out
  • Maximize throughput to improve turns-per-hour and/or increase number of cows milked

What is the Secret to Teatscrubber Success?

Chlorine Dioxide Solution – Exclusive to FutureCow

Exclusive to FutureCow: FutureCow Teatscrubber sprays Chlorine Dioxide during the cleaning process. Chlorine Dioxide is a quick kill disinfectant, which acts quickly to kill microorganisms on the teat while leaving the skin healthy. No solution used in any teat scrubber on the market is more effective than chlorine dioxide – and FutureCow is the only scrubber that can use it.

Testimonials – Results from UK Farms

“With a FutureCow Teatscrubber you get good, reliable and consistent teat preparation
which is easy to maintain.”

Chris Hall, Yorkshire, FutureCow’s 1st UK dairy, milking 700 cows x3/day, 40:40 parlour, cows bedded on sand 

Chris Hall, Yorkshire – FutureCow’s 1st UK dairy, milking 700 cows x3/day, 40:40 parlour, cows bedded on sand

“Very happy with our FutureCow Teatscrubber. It has had the biggest effect on SCC which is now under 100. Clinical mastitis rates are lower with improved teat condition, we are looking forward to long term benefits.”

Steven Wallace, Seaforde, Northern Ireland

Steven Wallace, Seaforde, Northern Ireland, Your Content Goes Here
“Brilliant machine solving TBC issues & saving us time with a good routine and great results.”

Geraint Davies, Camarthen, South Wales

Geraint Davies, Camarthen

Teatscrubber Q&A

What immediate results did you see after you installed Teatscrubber?
Since fitting the scrubber we have achieved dramatic reductions in clinical mastitis cases and lower SCC results. We also have been able to cut out the usage of towels which is saving us £1000/month.

What do you see as a long term benefit of using the Teatscrubber?
Improved herd performance which leads to savings of money! We have been able to reduce parlour labour costs by one man.

What does your team like best about using Teatscrubber?
We are delighted with the features and benefits the scrubber has brought to the dairy and it is the best thing that the farm has purchased!

Seckington Dairy – North Devon, UK
Martin Tucker – Herd Manager
Milking 650 Cows in a 72 Point Rotary

Add Teatscrubber to Your Dairy

Reduce Labour Costs

  • Most dairies can eliminate one full time position per shift
    • Rotary parlours require one less worker per shift
    • Parallel & Herringbone parlours can reduce 1-2 positions
  • Farms see more cows milked per hour by current number of workers

Consistent Milking

  • Teat prep is streamlined, shortening time required vs. traditional prep
  • Consistent cleaning for all cows
  • Eliminates one pass for workers
  • Brush speed optimized for maximum let down and milk out
  • Patented disinfectant provides rapid kill of microorganisms

FutureCow UK

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Mobile : +44 (0) 7960 108 195

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