TeatScrubber vs Traditional Prep

Incorporating a teatscrubber into your facility will allow you to become more efficient, consistent, and lean while still achieving the highest results. Not only that, the FutureCow Teatscrubber allows you to speed up your prep process, throughput, and milk out times without deviating from standard milk quality practices.

Upon install FutureCow customers reduce or eliminate the use of towels in their pit. Some can even eliminate one person per shift providing a savings of $60,000 plus a year. Others can milk more cows per shift without adding additional labor. Within the first 60 to 90 days our customers report a drop in somatic cell count and new mastitis cases.

Employees prefer the FutureCow TeatScrubber compared to traditional prep due to the fact that they are doing less of the following: walking, using their hands, and bending down. Parlor managers love the teatscrubber because training of a new employee becomes very streamlined when compared to a 4 or 5 part prep process. Less mistakes in the parlor result in higher milk quality.

The TeatScrubber

Traditional Prep

TeatScrubber Benefits

How Does FutureCow Help?

  • Improved Somatic Cell Count
    – average SCC is 150,000 and below
  • Decrease in Clinical Mastitis
    – most customers have under 1 percent

  • Increase in Throughput
    – maximize parlor efficiency without adding employees
  • Lower Labor Costs
    – reduce up to one employee per shift

Benefits listed are based on actual farm results.

Results from North Florida Holsteins

Double 40 parallel parlor milking 4,000 – Owner: Don Bennick

How It Works