FutureCow TeatScrubber Analyzer

The FutureCow TeatScrubber Analyzer is a pocket sized diagnostic tool that can test your FutureCow Prep equipment with just the touch of a button. This easy-to-use tool works on all FutureCow Systems and is designed to take the guess work out of which area of your system needs repairs. The Analyzer provides instant analysis of TeatScrubber components allowing you to isolate issues quickly.

No Light = Problem Area Needs Repair

Light = Area is Working Properly

How It Works

Plug the Analyzer into one of the female plugs located on the FutureCow control box or on the integrated cable closest to the scrubber. Once plugged in, push the button on the Analyzer. If the light turns on that indicates this part of your system is working properly. If you do not see the light that component is in need of repair or replacement.

Always test the control box first and then the integrated cable nearest the scrubber. When plugged into the control box the solenoid will also activate.

If the FutureCow Control Box is working properly you will see the light on the Analyzer as well as on the solenoid and the solid state relays. Once all the lights are engaged, the box can be cleared of any necessary repairs.

Move on to the integrated cable and repeat the process. If you plug into the integrated cable and see the light turn on that is indication the scrubber is in need of repair and your control box and integrated cable are fine.

If you do not see the light but you did when plugged into the control box then the cable is the area needing repairs.

Buy an Analyzer

To order a FutureCow TeatScrubber Analyzer please contact us at our headquarters via email or call us at 407-571-2060.