White Angus – Get the Best of Both Worlds

FutureCow now offers White Angus semen.  Get the carcass quality of the Angus breed in harsh conditions plus the heat resistance of the White Angus breed.

  • Ideal for farms in hotter climates
  • White hide provides significant environmental advantages
  • Semen available for shipping around the world
White Angus Semen Available for Global Shipping

White Angus Stay Cooler in the Heat

Superior Performance under Heat Stress

  • White cattle spend more time grazing-eating and less time looking for shade
  • Better dry matter intake and gains
  • Superior reproductive efficiency

Better Regulation of Body Temperature and Superior Comfort

  • Light Haired cattle colorations are a preferred trait that helps reflect thermal radiation and reduce heat captured by the animal.
  • The White Angus cattle shows an 83% greater sweating rate than Black Angus
  • A 1.98 ℉ lower vaginal temperature

The Genetic Advantage and Approach of the Future

  • White Angus can produce the reproductive and carcass merit of the Angus breed, while having the White hide for environmental advantage.
  • Significant value to beef production in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world.

The White Benefit

White Angus Semen Available for Global Shipping

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Semen available for shipping around the world.