Dairy Training Programs

The FutureCow Dairy Training Program is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of your team in areas vital to day-to-day dairy operations. We can develop custom content to cover topics specific to your farm and offer optional enhancements to training sessions.

  • Training conducted on-farm or via video conference

  • All training sessions are offered in English and Spanish
  • Qualifies as compliance for OSHA and animal welfare programs

  • Quizzes, demonstrations, and employee sign-offs available

Dairy Training Modules

All FutureCow Dairy Training Programs can be tailored to your farm’s specific needs. Choose one or more of the modules below or let us know what specific topics you need covered.

Parlor Performance

Includes milking routine, moving cows, handling chemicals, identifying mastitis

OSHA & Farm Workplace/General Workplace

This session covers OSHA compliance topics including machinery safety, on-farm health and safety, understanding blood borne pathogens and more.

Cow Handling & Health

Teaches your team about animal awareness and predicting what a cow will do. Plus, bedding management and what to do when a cow goes down.


Training covers the calving process and post-partum cow care, colostrum collection, calf handling and the importance of passive transfer.

Pricing and Scheduling

Training sessions can be scheduled on an hourly, half day, full day, or ongoing basis. To learn more about training options and pricing, fill out the form at the bottom of this page or contact Shaun Hardtke directly at [email protected]

Shaun Hardtke joined FutureCow in 2021 as Director of Milk Quality & Safety. Shaun manages FutureCow’s Milk Quality and Training program with the goal of making farms more efficient and improving animal comfort and worker safety.

Shaun previously worked at Kinnard Farms, one of America’s elite dairy farms, where he held the position of Director of Dairy Operations. At Kinnards, he was responsible for overseeing the wellbeing and performance of the 8,500-cow dairy herd while managing a team of 65 people. During his tenure, Shaun overhauled the 37-person milking parlor team structure and created an onboarding orientation program for all new hires with an emphasis on accountability and safety.

Shaun studied Dairy Herd Management at Lakeshore Technical College and has an Artificial Insemination certification from the American Breeders Service.

Shaun Hardtke
Shaun HardtkeMilk Quality & Safety Director

Our training session with Shaun and Alex was excellent. They did a great job making our team feel as if they were important and the training session was an investment in the important work they do. Our people had a great deal of respect for Shaun and Alex because of their years of working and managing cows and people. We look forward to using their services again in the future.

Julie, Soaring Eagle

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