Cow Genetics

FutureCow specializes in unique cow genetics for farms in warmer climates.  Heat stress in cattle can have a major impact on comfort and production.  Finding ways to produce more heat tolerant cows for these regions will yield better milk results, even in the hottest of locations.

Siemers Lr Broker- Slick Coat Gene

Siemers Lr Broker- Slick Coat Gene Ideal for Hot Climates

The impact of heat stress on cows and cattle is increasing rapidly. High temperatures and humidity are detrimental to the productivity and sustainability of commercial animal agriculture. Improving heat tolerance through a cooler hair coat is a novel trait in dairy breeding.


SINBA – Slick Coat Developed for Hot Climates

Holsteins with slick hair have superior thermoregulatory ability compared with non-slick animals and experience a less drastic loss in performance during hot months. All Sinba offspring will have a slick hair coat, guaranteeing you will enter the slick trait into your herd.

White Angus

White Angus – Heat Stress Resistance

Get the carcass quality of the Angus breed in harsh conditions plus the heat resistance of the White Angus breed. White Angus can produce the reproductive and carcass merit of the Angus breed, while having the White hide for environmental advantage.

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